Saturday, December 21, 2013

The reason why I love Christmas

Holidays are finally here, my exams are over and I am back at my parents' home for Christmas time. My mind is now clear and I can really think about what this celebration means to me and how much I love it. When I was a kid, I loved Christmas because I had the chance to receive loads of presents (of course), listen to Christmas carols, spend hours watching tv, eat chocolate and marvelous meals prepared by my Granny and my family, play around with my cousins ... It was the time of the year when we could all meet up and have fun together. I already loved those family moments, even as a little girl. Christmas was one of this magical and short-lived instants you only had once a year.  

For two years, Christmas has a new signification to me. In November 2011, on a Thursday evening, something happened and this event changed my entire life for ever. On the 10th, I had a birthday party and tried to call my parents to give them some news. They never picked up the phone. I found it weird, since they often tell us when they are out or have plans. But I figured they were having a romantic dinner at the restaurant. What is particularly ironic in this, is that on Friday 11th, I was driving back to my place, thinking that life was wonderful and that I was really pleased of everything I had. At noon, I called my parents and asked them where they were the night before. My Dad started to joke (as usual) and then, my Mum told me the truth: Granny was at the hospital. I was surprised and did not understand what was going on. Why would Granny be at the hospital ? She was healthy, dynamic and full of life ! It did not make any sense ! My parents explained me that she had a stroke the night before but that everything would be ok. I had no idea what a stroke was. I heard this noun several times without knowing what was involved and its consequences. I checked on the internet and I started to freak out and burst into tears. On the same afternoon, I picked up my brother from school and drove home without telling him what happened. I didn't know how to tell him or what to say. I just tried to forget about it.

Granny on Christmas 2010

The next day, we visited her in her hospital room. It was as if she had become ten years older in a few days ... I barely recognized her and yet, I did not show my feelings so she wouldn't worry about her condition. She was paralyzed on the right side, she could not speak and could not walk. She recognized us, of course, and even if she couldn't say a word, she made me understand she did not like my torn jeans. I was relieved: she still had her bad temper ! But my poor Granny who was such a talkative and sociable woman couldn't speak. That day was a shock. For the very first time in my life, I realized that one of the person I loved the most in the world was not eternal. That she may not be there on my wedding day or would not hold her great grand children ... It torn my heart into million pieces. And my life took a completely different way. I did not care about what the gossips in college or about my professors' pressure for the exams. 

For seven weeks, my life was only about going to college during the week, driving home on the Friday evening to visit her, working on the week-ends and see her whenever I could. It was so hard to come to visit her, to be strong, to face her illness and not cry in front of her. Through the weeks, I realized that nothing would be the same: she might not be able to live in her home, to cook for herself and for us or even drive. Somehow I thought I have lost her for ever. That was selfish and I was wrong. Of course, I miss her baking and cooking, and even if she is more fragile, she is still here. She was and still is so strong and such an inspiration to me ... In seven weeks, I saw some kind of miracle happening. At first, she was in a wheelchair. The week after, she was walking with a Zimmer frame. A week later, she had crutches and about a month after her stroke, she could walk on her own. She started to speak again, thanks to all the doctors and the support she had in her rest home. 
Granny and I, October 2010
Finally, another miracle happened. A few days before Christmas, the nurses told us that Granny would be allowed to go home for a week-end and for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was more than happy that she would be with us on that special day of the year. We organized her home to make it easier for her to move. She had a bed on the living room so she did not have to take the stairs, we were here to look after her and help. On Christmas day, we were all really moved. This truly was a special moment that will always remain in my memory. When we gave Granny her presents, she said she did not want anything. She could not say it, but I know that to her, being here with us was the only gift she needed. She started to cry, and so did I. Nobody said a word for a few minutes and the room was filled with emotion. Being with her was my miracle and the best present I would ever have. A week after Christmas, Granny finally left her nursing home to return to her house for good. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree ! ღ 66

Sometimes, I almost forgot that two months ago, I started a list of 101 goals to do in 1001 days. I think I still have time to do all these things, but time flies and so do months ! I have to say, I am terrible at monthly goals ... I start the month full of good intentions and new motivations and ... I forgot them and oh ! It's already over ! This is probably one of the things I should work on next year ! Stop procrastinating !

So this year, Guillaume and I will be celebrating Christmas in our home for the very first time. I started to look at the trees in November and bought some ornaments quite early. We argued a lot about the tree: should it be real or artificial ? Should it be green or white ? Will the decorations be blue, gold, silver, red or white ? Finally, I got reasonable and picked a fake tree (cheapest if we use it for a few years and it doesn't leave pine needles all over the house). We have also decided to have a traditional tree with gold and red ornaments. It's a small tree, as we live in an apartment and have very little space, but we love it :)

On Monday, December 2nd, we spent the afternoon shopping. We bought our tree and fairy lights in Casa, some tinsels and a star. I have to say that I have discovered a new side of Guillaume that day. I was so surprised he cared so much about our tree ! He was really cautious about the colors and he insisted on buying a red tinsel (which was a great idea !). He was super excited about decorating it ! I really had a great time doing this and it was a special moment between us :)

Having a tree during this time of the year cheers me up. It makes me realize that Christmas is coming and that I should keep studying hard so I could enjoy my family when exams are over. This week, I kept remembering all the good moments I had as a child. There is definitely something in the air that makes me happy. Like a whisper to say that everything is possible. Christmas is magical ! I really can't wait to start the celebrations at the end of next week ! 

We can now say that we started our own collection of Christmas decorations and ornaments ! One more goal to cross off ! Have a nice week end y'all !


Friday, December 13, 2013

Life Lately #2

I can't believe I wrote my last blog about two weeks ago. I actually have no life at the moment ! I wish I could post more often, but I guess December is the busiest period of the year. Between the exams, Christmas shopping, decorating the house and preparing the holidays, that's a lot to handle !

I was also really anxious about getting an internship. Turns out I received three different offers last week and one of them is in Ireland. I love this country, and I started to feel the urge to go back there for months ... What is bothering me is that I will have to leave Guillaume for five months. Again ... I had sleepless nights, wondering about what would be the best for him and for me. I know he hates when we are away from each other and I don't want to hurt him. I always found it so hard to make decisions ... But I have finally decided that I should go. I had a negative answer two weeks ago and I was devastated. But obviously, something better was waiting for me. I think I could not dream of a better opportunity than this one. I have made my mind and in March, I will be flying to Dublin !

The last couple of days were basically about studying all day long. My exams are starting next week, so I am staying at my parents' for study week. My Dad bought our tree this morning and hopefully I will decorate it tomorrow with my Mum (if I am not late in my study schedule !). I hate having exams just before Christmas, because all I am thinking of is how happy I am to be reunited with my loved ones and that I need a rest after this long and tough semester ! I wish I could stay on the coach, watching Christmas movies near the fire place while driking hot chocolat ! Live is so unfair ! ah ah 

I really regret I can't take part in the 12 Days of Christmas series that Erin and Amber are organizing at the moment ! They are two of my favorite bloggers, so don't hesitate to visit their blogs and participate to this wonderful Christmas blogging ! I am paying a contribution by sharing a few pictures of the Christmas market we went to at the beginning of the months. I am sorry about the quality, but my camera doesn't seem to like the twilight ! Hope you will enjoy it anyway ;)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Goals

It is starting to be quite cold outside. No snow yet, but winter is definitely coming and so is Christmas ! This is probably my favorite holiday ! I love preparing surprises and gifts to my loved ones, walk in the street to see the Christmas lights and sit on my coach to stare at our tree ! There is definitely something special and magic during this period of the year. It makes me feel like a child again and it gives me hope and strength. 

My November Goals
  • Host a Thanksgiving dinner  
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Go on a date with Guillaume
  • Find my internship
  • Save money for Christmas 

I wasn't very good last month ... I got overwhelmed by my studies and I spent a lot of money driving home during the week-ends, buying boots for winter and going out with friends and Guillaume. We did not have a proper date since we had some budget issues and with Christmas coming, it is not going to get any better. But I am doing my best so we can spend some quality time together, even if we don't go out. I did not find my internship either ... I had an interview, but they took someone else, so I keep looking ! I am disappointed, for sure, but hopefully there's something better waiting for me !

My December Goals
  • Decorate our home for Christmas
  • Study for my exams
  • Plan a party for New Year's Eve
  • Send out Christmas Cards
  • Spend time with my family
If you want a card from France, feel free to add your information in my address book ! :)
Have a nice week-end !

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ! ღ 12

Happy Thanksgiving y'all !

Life has been crazy lately. Too many essays to write and give back, exams to prepare and sit ... Well, wait ! I actually had no life last week ! I have been under pressure everyday, even during my sleep ! So I was absolutely wrecked yesterday and Thank's God, it's Saturday and I can finally relax ! The past three days were terrible. I failed one my exams and the two I sat on Wednesday were a disaster. I have also received a negative answer for an internship. Back to the start. For a few days, I was miserable. I didn't feel like studying, I cried for hours and woke up with big red eyes the next morning. 

Finally, on Thursday evening, magic happened ! We had our friends coming for Thanksgiving, so Guillaume and I cooked, decorated a little our home and listened to Christmas song. This was nothing, but it really cheered me up ! Our dinner was a success, a simple moment we shared with people we care about. It was no big deal, pretty modest actually. I guess it was nothing like in America, but we just shared a good time and I kept thinking of how grateful I was.

I am thankful for ... having so many good and inspiring people in my life. There was a time I felt lonely and betrayed. A time I didn't trust anyone but myself. Now I can say that I am not a popular gal, but I have very kind friends who have been there for three years, ten years. The number is not important, but the quality matters. I am grateful to have them in my life.

I am thankful for ... having spent two more years with Granny. Two years ago, in November, I have almost lost her forever. This period of the year makes me sad, because these are terrible memories. I keep seeing her in her hospital room, unable to speak and move. It was a shock. But meanwhile, I am so blessed that she is still with us, that she fought and is healthy. That day, in November 10th 2011, our lives have changed, but it could have been worse. I love you Granny !

I am thankful for ... having such a lovely, crazy and amazing family. First, I have Guillaume, who is an awesome boyfriend, who keeps cheering me up and making me laugh. He brings me so much love and happiness ... I would never be the same without him ! Then, I have my parents, my brother and Benji. They are so supportive and so helpful, I wonder how I would do if they were not there for me ! There are also my aunts and uncles, who have welcomed me in their home for months, who are helping me finding an internship and teaching me that life can be tough but is definitely worth it. And I also have my lovely cousin Zoe, who emails me from time to time and makes me laugh. She is the little sister I never had and I miss her a lot !

I am thankful for ... all the experiences I had this year. I have been lucky. Sometimes, I think I am cursed, because I keep struggling with my studies and complaining over and over again. And then I remember that I got my degree in June, that I have spent four months in the country of my dreams, partying and spending time with my lovely family. I remember that I have met new people, that I had incredible adventures abroad. Cursed or not, I also got into the Master's degree I was dreaming of. It did not turned as good as it seemed, but yet, I got in. I wish 2014 will be as good :)

I hope you had a fantastic time with your friends and family ! Have a nice week end !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Dad, my Hero

Last week-end, my Dad turned 50. The big 5 ! We celebrated that special moment with family and friends around a marvellous dinner (he cooked of course !). And yesterday morning, my Dad went to the hospital to have a minor surgery. Yet, I got scared. For the past two nights, I did not sleep well and on Thursday night, I prayed for his operation. Everything went perfectly well and I am SO greatful for it !

So tonight, I could not help but write an article about that man who is one of the most inspirational person in my life. That man who raised us, my brother and I, in a complete unconventional way, who used to put the Spice Girls on in the morning when I was in kindergarten and read me the cutest stories at night. I unconditionally love him, no matter how stubborn he can be !

I admire him, because he quitted school at age 16 and never stopped working since. He built his own business and started from nothing. And yet, he has always encouraged us to follow our dreams, to study for our future. Sometimes, of course, he does not really understand what we can be going through, but he always shows great support. When we talk about the future, he is not afraid to let us go, even if it is in another country. As long as we are happy ...

I admire him, because he worked hard during the summer and took care of us during the winter. I don't really remember my mom cooking at home. My dad is the cook of the house, he definitely is ! I love his cooking: his pizzas, his naan bread, his french toasts, his casseroles ... He is gifted, and I know that I took that passion from him ! He also taught me how to use a computer and what good music is !

I admire him, because since Granny got sick, he takes care of her like no one else, even if she is his mother-in-law. He is the most patient man I know. He visits her every day, cooks, takes her shopping, minds her doctor's appointments, cuts wood to warm her house ... And when she is upset, he lets her yell at him or critizice what he does. He never says a word, but he is always there.

And yet, my Dad considers himself as a normal man. He never boast about the things he accomplishes, he just thinks it's normal to do them. He does not care if he did not study for years. He has learnt from his past experiences and he knows much more than many "educated" people I know. He is a self made man. And even if my Grandma always says he was a terrible child, I am proud of the man he became. He is my Dad, and he inspires me.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Vamos a jugar en el sol

So today, I went back to college. Since I came back to France, the weather keeps being unpredictable, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and cloudy. We even had a sort of storm last night ... So before I got overwhelmed by my homework and studies, I had to share all the good time I had with Guillaume and my family while we were in Spain last week !

Halloween in Port Aventura ... I was a big happy pumkin !

 We headed South, one hour from Barcelona where my parents rented a lovely appartement for the six of us (yeap, Guillaume, Corentin, Mum, Dad, Granny and I). When we arrived there, after ten hours driving, I opened the car's window and smelled the air from the sea. It felt like summer, there was no wind, it was warm ... We even had our first dinner outside ! Can you believe it ? Dinner outside in October ?! While my parents and Granny were discovering the areas (vineyards, mountains and beaches), Corentin, Guillaume and I spent two amazing days in Port Aventura, where we had great fun and went crazy !

See these roller coasters at the back of the picture ? The red one is Dragon Khan, I did it four times with Corentin while Guillaume waited for us (what a chicken !). And the very high one is Shambala, the highest roller coaster in Europe ! Corentin couldn't do it for some reasons, but I did not dare to do it on the first day. I completely freaked out, especially because I did it on my own. During the whole thing, I got scared to death ! When we watched this video with my family, I was still screaming ! NEVER AGAIN ! 

It was a great experience though ... Doing something that scarry on my own, something new, unknown ... I felt like a bad ass when I got off ! Corentin and I also fell down this tower ! So many adrenaline ! I really love it ! Of course, we did some coolest stuff so Guillaume could do it with us (he got traumatized with roller coasters when we went to Disneyland together last year). I am really proud of him, because he tried one on the second day :)

On our way home, we went to Andorre (a tiny country between France and Spain). Prices are quite interesting there, so we basically spent the whole day shopping ! I have been wise and only bought two soft sweaters for winter. On Wednesday, we took the road again and went home in the evening ! In Spain, we got really warm, as if it was summer (30°C) and in Andorra, we got as cold as in winter (- 2°C) and we even saw snow ! Luckily, I am not sick - yet) 

I guess all good things come to an end ! But it has been so good to be away for a few days, to stop thinking about college, essays and all the things I worry about ! I now have my head clear and full of laughters and beautiful memories. Thank you dear family !

Friday, November 01, 2013

My favorite room

As I wrote it in my last post, I will take part in the #joyfilledhomechallenge organized by Nicole. Ok, I have to admit I got really excited about this challenge, so excited that I completely forgot one tiny detail: I don't have instagram (which I got confused with pinterest - shame on me !). So I have decided to do the challenge anyway on my blog and on Twitter

Today, I have to pick my favorite room in our appartment and since we only have two, I have chosen this part of our main room: the living room. This is where we watch TV at night, where we have a break after class or while we study. Guillaume often studies on the coach whereas I am in the bedroom, so to me, this area is really our comfort zone where we meet at the end of the day.

This is also where we receive our friends for snacks, a drink ... My good friend Lucie often comes to watch some tv shows with me and that's a really comfy room ! This coach is pretty handy and our friends can also sleep on it while visiting us. 

I have been away from a week now ... Can't wait to be home on Sunday evening !

November Goals

I can't believe this is actually November the 1st! It seems like yesterday when I wrote my October list ... I have to say last month has been really busy: we had our Irish friends visiting for a week-end, then I had to study for my first exams, got sick, we celebrated our third anniversary and went to Spain last week ! Anyway, I felt more relaxed, I took time to meditate before going to sleep. It is a good way to focus on the good things that happened during the day and the bad ones I should stop doing. It is a special moment I have with myself. In a certain way, it is also a prayer, but I am still a bit confused about religion. I guess I should write a proper article about it ... 

 My October Goals
  • Write my 101 in 1001 list
  • Work out everyday for one week
  • Prepare a surprise dinner to Guillaume
  • Plan a special date for our 3rd Anniversary 
  • Find some fall decoration

Again, it was hard to reach my goals this month. I didn't see the end of the month coming ! I would have worked out more often if I have noticed ah ah. I really tried, but I got sick and lazy (I admit) and then forgot about it. My scale is still broken, so I don't know if I have lost weight or not. Concidering the holidays and how much I ate, I would say I gained some ! I could not find any fall decoration ANYWHERE ! This is insane how French people do not decorate their home ! (except for Christmas)  Shame, shame, shame ... I guess now I will have to wait until December to buy our Christmas decorations ... But well, it's a new month, time for new resolutions ;)

My November Goals
  • Host a Thankgiving dinner 
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Go on a date with Guillaume
  • Find my internship
  • Save money for Christmas 
This month, I will also participate to Nicole's Joy Filled Home Challenge and share with you all about our sweet home !

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holidays are (finally) coming !

Port Aventura, October 2007
After spending my summer working, I am really excited to go on holidays. This year is a bit special as I will go to Spain with my parents, my brother, Granny and Guillaume ! I think it is great to have this new notion of family, to have all the people I love around me for a week full of fun and sun.  

On Saturday morning, we will leave Granny's around 7 and drive down to Spain. We should be near the frontier for lunch time and in Salou (Costa Brava, an hour in the south of Barcelona) in the evening. Then, Guillaume, Corentin and I are going to spend two days in the spooky Port Aventura theme park for Halloween while my parents and Granny would be exploring the area and the vineyards. On Wednesday, we will stop to Andorra on our way home and spend a night there. It's going to be great fun as well as we will spend some time shopping (prices are really interesting there !)

Pyrenees, October 2009

So we will switch the rainy days of autumn in France (even if the weather had been pretty nice lately) for the warm sun of Spain and the snow of Andorre ! Talk to you next week !

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The washing machine adventure

The "cube"

Now that I am no longer living at my parents, I have to deal with more responsabilities. Laundry is one of them. That is to say, I have to stop going home every week end with my bag full of dirty clothes and let my mum do it for me. I used to do it, because I only lived  45 minutes away. But now, things are different. I have to do my laundry and Guillaume's. We basically spent the first three weeks cleaning our clothes on the sink. It was long, it hurt and it took days to dry. I thought (and I still do) that using the public laundry was too expensive and a waste of time. I finish class quite late and after class, I don't want to spend two hours waiting with weird people. So on my birthday, I asked for money so I could buy my first washing machine. But, Guillaume's grand parents offered us their old washing machine. Great ! I would save my extra money for later and we would have a decent way to wash our clothes ! 

So at the end of September, Guillaume drove to his grands parents to collect our new washing machine. I was really excited, I knew it was old, but I didn't know it was THAT old. When Guillaume went home, I asked him if he needed help but he said no. He walked through the door with a giant cube of plastic which dated back to the 50s and started to explain me how it worked: you had to put the water in it first (not too hot, not too cold), then you had to put the clothes on and close the door with a piece of steel, then you needed to plug it on. AND the cube needed to be near a sink or a bathroom to throw the water out. Easy peasy ! It took us about 30 minutes to do so and the noise was terrible. For a moment, I thought it was going to break the kitchen worktop, so we decided to move it into the bathroom. Terrible idea ... The pipe went away and the water ran on our kitchen floor. Same thing in the bathroom. It took us about an hour to clean and dry the place.

And its 60 years later version

I was really pissed and annoyed, because I didn't know how to tell Guillaume this wouldn't work. It was too big to fit on our bathroom and way too complicated to use everyday. I mean, I was not going to take two hours everyday doing all these steps to make it work and it was too dangerous (floods + plug = electrocution). On his side, he was upset because he drove a long way for nothing, wasted two hours making it work and cleaning and because he knew I was a bit disappointed. We finally looked at each other and ... honestly, I don't if the situation was that funny or if our nerves just broke down but we burst out laughing. The very same night, I ordered a proper washing machine online. Nothing fancy, but at least it works !

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

After all this time, I'm still into you ღ 46

Everyday, I keep telling myself "I should write a new post", but everyday is the same. Busy, busy, busy. Going to class, cooking, cleaning our home, worring about class, studying, spending my evenings with Guillaume ... I really feel like updating my blog more often, but I am always running out of time. Promise, I will catch up !

Today is a special day, so I definitely had to write something here. We are October 22nd 2013 and three years ago, I started to date my amazing boyfriend, Guillaume (and I am not writing this because he's sitting next to me at the moment - and obviously reading this as well). So here is a highlight of our story ...

I met Guillaume on my first year of college, in September 2010. He was studying English as well in second year. One evening, I threw a party at my place, and among many unknown guests was Guillaume. When he walked in, he asked who's place it was and we started to talk. We went to several different bars that night, but the thing is, I don't really remember it. All I know is that Guillaume and I were inseparable, chatting about our lives and college experience. The next morning, something had changed. I couldn't stop thinking about him, how nice he was and I saw on his person my prince charming.

Well, things were not that easy. Some people tried to keep us apart, telling lies about our past and our feelings (I think we have always met that kind of damaging "friends") so it took us a few weeks to officially start to date. I really thought that he did not like me ... But on that evening on the 22nd of October 2010, he finally kissed me and said "I thought it was never gonna happen". I went to bed at 5 that morning but felt happy, grateful and confident. Being around him was appeasing and blissful. And I still feel the same way about him. 

These last three years were full of adventures. First, it had been full of love, but also full of travels, laughter and happiness. Guillaume made some of my dreams come true, like going to Disneyland, visiting Ireland together, going to London but more important, he made me respect and love myself. He has always been really supportive about my studies, my jobs, my diets, my insecurities. He is always there for me and I will never thank him enough for this. He makes me become a better person and that is one of the thousand reasons I love him.

I am his, he is mine. For ever and always.

Friday, October 11, 2013

101 in 1001

Sprüche - Spruch - Spruch + Song - Spruch und Bild - Spruch + Song "Why" - Spruch und Bild - Caroline

This is it ! After an entire week of reflexion, I have finally finished my 101 things to do in 1001 days. This idea came from Victoria's blog and originally from Design Darling. I use to make lists all the time. On Sunday afternoon, I start thinking of what I will have to do during the week. Sometimes it is really exciting, sometimes it is more compulsory. But writing this 101 in 1001 list was a real challenge ! I am only 21 (and still surprised by this number !) and so many things can change in 1001 days, so many things are vague and most of the time, I feel unsecure about the future (especially these days while struggling with my studies). So we can say that this is the list of what a college girl in her twenties must accomplish ! Here we go !!! :)

Start Date: Saturday, October 5th 2013
End Date: Saturday, July 2nd 2016

1. Find my first real job
2. Write a novel
3. Learn to love myself
4. Be more confident
5. Find faith
6. Get involved in a charity
7. Do a professional photo shoot
8. Spend a week-end with no technology
9. Keep a journal of possibilities and dreams
10. Write myself a letter once a month   1/33
11. Achieve all these goals

Fun & Entertainment
12. Celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time  (see here)
13. Attend Oxygen festival, Dublin
14. See a band I've liked for a long time performing
15. See a rugby game
16. Try 10 new restaurants in our area
17. Watch the Lord of the Ring movies
18. Sing in a pub
19. Have a Disney movies marathon
20. Get up to watch the sunrise

Beauty and Health
21. Let my hair grow
22. Drink 8 glass of water a day for a month
23. Eat five fruits and veggies a day for a week
24. Work out everyday for a week
25. Achieve my target weight
26. Learn 5 new hairstyles
27. Find the perfect lipstick color
28. Go to bed before 11pm for a week

29. Write 101 goals
30. Inspire someone to write this list
31. Re-design my blog
32. Meet a friend blogger
33. Have 5 blog sponsors
34. Post everyday on the blog for a week
35. Contribute to someone else's blog
36. Leave comments on 5 blog everyday for two weeks
37. Have five friends reading my blog
38. Hit 50 followers on my blog

39. Visit New York City
40. Move to a foreign country
41. Visit the Châteaux de la Loire
42. Spend a romantic week-end in Paris
43. Go geocatching
44. Visit 5 new cities 1/5 (Belfast)

Friends & Family
45. Adopt a pet
46. Celebrate our third anniversary (see here)
47. Get Engaged
48. Buy our first house
49. Send out Christmas Cards
50. Send ten handwritten notes
51. Throw a surprise party for a friend
52. Be my cousin's sponsor
53. Go on a trip with my friends
54. Compliment someone everyday for a week
55. Tell one friend per week that I am thinking about them
56. Take family pictures every year
57. Reconnect with a childhood friend
58. Buy my parents' a big gift
59. Hang out with my brother for a whole day
60. Take my Granny to the casino
61. Call or Email my family every week
62. Spend a whole week-end at Granny's
63. Go on a day trip with my cousin
64. Support a friend on something important to him/her

Do & Make
65. Own a Christmas Cookie's Yankee Candle
66. Start a collection of Christmas decorations  (see here)
67. Make homemade bread
68. Make homemade ice cream
69. Learn to sew a button
70. Do five DIY projects
71. Have breakfast in bed
72. Take a wine testing class
73. Buy fresh flowers once a month  1/33
74. Plant something and have it grow
75. Try a new recipe each month  3/33
76. Ask for a new passport
77. Acquire a new cookbook every year
78. Put back a rim on my car's wheel
79. Take a baking class
80. Learn how to make pastries
81. Try two recipes from the Bible of Pastry each month  0/33
82. Buy a frame and put a picture of Guillaume and I inside
83. Buy a hard drive and save all my files and pictures
84. Go to a farmer market every month   4/33
85. Go on a day spa with my boyfriend

86. Turn my Granny's and family recipes into a book
87. Get rid of my old class books
88. Write my favorite recipes on a book
89. Donate my old clothes and shoes
90. Print out our trips pictures and organize it in a book

91. Graduate from college
92. Learn how to play the piano
93. Read 20 new books   6/20
94. Find my two internships  2/2
95. Learn a few German sentences

96. Own a pair of Repetto flats
97. Find the perfect little black dress
98. Spend an entire month not eating out
99. Find a good financial plan
100. Save a minimum of 30€ each month  1/33
101. Put 5€ into savings for every goal accomplished  30/505

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October Goals

Time is definitely flying ! A month ago, Guillaume and I were moving in and I was completely scared of what the future had to offer. September had been quite tough on me ... I was really confused about my studies: should I stay or should I go ? To be honest, I hate half of my courses, and I hate the fact the system wants to make us spend our entire life studying, so much that our well being and our health have to be forgotten. I really hate it. Last Friday, I was so upset that I went home crying and I kept crying in Guillaume's arms for about an hour. I felt lost, I felt lonely and I had no one to turn to. 

My September's Goals
  • Save money
  • Give my blood 
  • Go to the local market once a week
  • Use my free spa vaucher
  • Host a party in our new flat
  • Work out three hours a week
  • Buy a mirror for the bedroom
  • Prepare our trip to Spain
  • Loose weight

Saving money was not easy, as I don't really have any income, but I have saved 30€ (put into a blocked account). We received many friends last month and had our first party at our place. We also went out quite a lot. This month, we need to be more careful about what we buy, especially food (and not waste it !) I didn't have time to go to the local market, but if it is cheaper than supermarket (and probably healthier) I should try to go at least once a month. Oh, and I was so so so desapointed about the spa vaucher... Turned out ot passed the deadline one September 17th ... 

 My October Goals
  • Write my 101 in 1001 list
  • Work out everyday for one week
  • Prepare a surprise dinner to Guillaume
  • Plan a special date for our 3rd Anniversary 
  • Find some fall decoration

I really hope October will be more peaceful now that we are really settling down. I hope I will have more time to spend with my family, whom I really miss. October must be full of love and great moments as Guillaume and I will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary on the 22nd, any ideas what we could do ? We are also going on holidays with my family at the end of the month. I need to have my homework done by then so I can really enjoy being away from college ! Anyway, Fall is definitely coming ! We had a lovely and warm weather in the last couple of weeks, but tonight, it is all stormy. I am just going to put my pyjamas on, eat that pie cooking in the oven and stay in Guillaume's arms while watching Game of Thrones ! Night Night !

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turning 21 !

Twenty one years ago, a little girl was born in front of an ocean ... Twenty-one years ago ? Already ? I remember when I was eight, I told my mum I would live the house when I would turn eighteen, so I would become a famous singer and live my life. Ah ah, how silly I was ! I am now twenty one, and I never really left my parents' home. It had been a family joke ever since ! My aunt loves to remind me that story by singing Charles Aznavour's song "Je m'voyais déjà" ah ah. I perfectely remember when I turned fourteen, when I started to become a young girl. I remember when I turned eighteen as well, surrounded by my loving family.

This year, I was really excited to go home for this special week-end. Especially because I have been away for three weeks. I had a great time last week, I was spoiled. On my birthday, Guillaume offered me many little things from my favorite decoration shop, Maison du Monde. He also wanted to bring me to the restaurant, but I have decided to stay home, order our favorite pizzas and watch Game of Thrones ... That was awesome, just to be the two of us, without no one around ! I really enjoyed spending such quality time with him ... And on Wednesday evening, four of my good friends came over for an "apéritif" (which is typically French, we basically eat finger food and drink wine all night). It was nice to see them and to keep seing them that often ! 


I had class on Friday and on Saturday morning, so I was not able to come home as soon as usual. During my course on Saturday, I was really excited to see my family, my dog and spend the rest of this short week-end with them. We arrived there around 4pm and lucky me, the weather was lovely. We spent some time in the garden, dressed the table and get everything ready. My dad is an amazing cook, he cooked the finger food and a lovely Couscous. The cherry on top was my birthday cake he spent the week to bake ! I LOVED IT ! I used to have this same cake when I was a little girl !

Parfait au chocolat ... Perfect !

Well, it was a really quick week-end ... Only 24 hours at home. I am so sad I didn't have enough time to take pictures of the garden, enjoy the indian summer we had that day and have a stroll with my lovely dog ! I was quite home sick and blue when I got back to our flat. I don't know if I can call it "home" as my real home will always be my parents' ... Anyway, Guillaume was there to cheer me up and cook lasagnas :)  

Sleepy Benji

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