Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ! ღ 12

Happy Thanksgiving y'all !

Life has been crazy lately. Too many essays to write and give back, exams to prepare and sit ... Well, wait ! I actually had no life last week ! I have been under pressure everyday, even during my sleep ! So I was absolutely wrecked yesterday and Thank's God, it's Saturday and I can finally relax ! The past three days were terrible. I failed one my exams and the two I sat on Wednesday were a disaster. I have also received a negative answer for an internship. Back to the start. For a few days, I was miserable. I didn't feel like studying, I cried for hours and woke up with big red eyes the next morning. 

Finally, on Thursday evening, magic happened ! We had our friends coming for Thanksgiving, so Guillaume and I cooked, decorated a little our home and listened to Christmas song. This was nothing, but it really cheered me up ! Our dinner was a success, a simple moment we shared with people we care about. It was no big deal, pretty modest actually. I guess it was nothing like in America, but we just shared a good time and I kept thinking of how grateful I was.

I am thankful for ... having so many good and inspiring people in my life. There was a time I felt lonely and betrayed. A time I didn't trust anyone but myself. Now I can say that I am not a popular gal, but I have very kind friends who have been there for three years, ten years. The number is not important, but the quality matters. I am grateful to have them in my life.

I am thankful for ... having spent two more years with Granny. Two years ago, in November, I have almost lost her forever. This period of the year makes me sad, because these are terrible memories. I keep seeing her in her hospital room, unable to speak and move. It was a shock. But meanwhile, I am so blessed that she is still with us, that she fought and is healthy. That day, in November 10th 2011, our lives have changed, but it could have been worse. I love you Granny !

I am thankful for ... having such a lovely, crazy and amazing family. First, I have Guillaume, who is an awesome boyfriend, who keeps cheering me up and making me laugh. He brings me so much love and happiness ... I would never be the same without him ! Then, I have my parents, my brother and Benji. They are so supportive and so helpful, I wonder how I would do if they were not there for me ! There are also my aunts and uncles, who have welcomed me in their home for months, who are helping me finding an internship and teaching me that life can be tough but is definitely worth it. And I also have my lovely cousin Zoe, who emails me from time to time and makes me laugh. She is the little sister I never had and I miss her a lot !

I am thankful for ... all the experiences I had this year. I have been lucky. Sometimes, I think I am cursed, because I keep struggling with my studies and complaining over and over again. And then I remember that I got my degree in June, that I have spent four months in the country of my dreams, partying and spending time with my lovely family. I remember that I have met new people, that I had incredible adventures abroad. Cursed or not, I also got into the Master's degree I was dreaming of. It did not turned as good as it seemed, but yet, I got in. I wish 2014 will be as good :)

I hope you had a fantastic time with your friends and family ! Have a nice week end !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Dad, my Hero

Last week-end, my Dad turned 50. The big 5 ! We celebrated that special moment with family and friends around a marvellous dinner (he cooked of course !). And yesterday morning, my Dad went to the hospital to have a minor surgery. Yet, I got scared. For the past two nights, I did not sleep well and on Thursday night, I prayed for his operation. Everything went perfectly well and I am SO greatful for it !

So tonight, I could not help but write an article about that man who is one of the most inspirational person in my life. That man who raised us, my brother and I, in a complete unconventional way, who used to put the Spice Girls on in the morning when I was in kindergarten and read me the cutest stories at night. I unconditionally love him, no matter how stubborn he can be !

I admire him, because he quitted school at age 16 and never stopped working since. He built his own business and started from nothing. And yet, he has always encouraged us to follow our dreams, to study for our future. Sometimes, of course, he does not really understand what we can be going through, but he always shows great support. When we talk about the future, he is not afraid to let us go, even if it is in another country. As long as we are happy ...

I admire him, because he worked hard during the summer and took care of us during the winter. I don't really remember my mom cooking at home. My dad is the cook of the house, he definitely is ! I love his cooking: his pizzas, his naan bread, his french toasts, his casseroles ... He is gifted, and I know that I took that passion from him ! He also taught me how to use a computer and what good music is !

I admire him, because since Granny got sick, he takes care of her like no one else, even if she is his mother-in-law. He is the most patient man I know. He visits her every day, cooks, takes her shopping, minds her doctor's appointments, cuts wood to warm her house ... And when she is upset, he lets her yell at him or critizice what he does. He never says a word, but he is always there.

And yet, my Dad considers himself as a normal man. He never boast about the things he accomplishes, he just thinks it's normal to do them. He does not care if he did not study for years. He has learnt from his past experiences and he knows much more than many "educated" people I know. He is a self made man. And even if my Grandma always says he was a terrible child, I am proud of the man he became. He is my Dad, and he inspires me.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Vamos a jugar en el sol

So today, I went back to college. Since I came back to France, the weather keeps being unpredictable, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and cloudy. We even had a sort of storm last night ... So before I got overwhelmed by my homework and studies, I had to share all the good time I had with Guillaume and my family while we were in Spain last week !

Halloween in Port Aventura ... I was a big happy pumkin !

 We headed South, one hour from Barcelona where my parents rented a lovely appartement for the six of us (yeap, Guillaume, Corentin, Mum, Dad, Granny and I). When we arrived there, after ten hours driving, I opened the car's window and smelled the air from the sea. It felt like summer, there was no wind, it was warm ... We even had our first dinner outside ! Can you believe it ? Dinner outside in October ?! While my parents and Granny were discovering the areas (vineyards, mountains and beaches), Corentin, Guillaume and I spent two amazing days in Port Aventura, where we had great fun and went crazy !

See these roller coasters at the back of the picture ? The red one is Dragon Khan, I did it four times with Corentin while Guillaume waited for us (what a chicken !). And the very high one is Shambala, the highest roller coaster in Europe ! Corentin couldn't do it for some reasons, but I did not dare to do it on the first day. I completely freaked out, especially because I did it on my own. During the whole thing, I got scared to death ! When we watched this video with my family, I was still screaming ! NEVER AGAIN ! 

It was a great experience though ... Doing something that scarry on my own, something new, unknown ... I felt like a bad ass when I got off ! Corentin and I also fell down this tower ! So many adrenaline ! I really love it ! Of course, we did some coolest stuff so Guillaume could do it with us (he got traumatized with roller coasters when we went to Disneyland together last year). I am really proud of him, because he tried one on the second day :)

On our way home, we went to Andorre (a tiny country between France and Spain). Prices are quite interesting there, so we basically spent the whole day shopping ! I have been wise and only bought two soft sweaters for winter. On Wednesday, we took the road again and went home in the evening ! In Spain, we got really warm, as if it was summer (30°C) and in Andorra, we got as cold as in winter (- 2°C) and we even saw snow ! Luckily, I am not sick - yet) 

I guess all good things come to an end ! But it has been so good to be away for a few days, to stop thinking about college, essays and all the things I worry about ! I now have my head clear and full of laughters and beautiful memories. Thank you dear family !

Friday, November 01, 2013

My favorite room

As I wrote it in my last post, I will take part in the #joyfilledhomechallenge organized by Nicole. Ok, I have to admit I got really excited about this challenge, so excited that I completely forgot one tiny detail: I don't have instagram (which I got confused with pinterest - shame on me !). So I have decided to do the challenge anyway on my blog and on Twitter

Today, I have to pick my favorite room in our appartment and since we only have two, I have chosen this part of our main room: the living room. This is where we watch TV at night, where we have a break after class or while we study. Guillaume often studies on the coach whereas I am in the bedroom, so to me, this area is really our comfort zone where we meet at the end of the day.

This is also where we receive our friends for snacks, a drink ... My good friend Lucie often comes to watch some tv shows with me and that's a really comfy room ! This coach is pretty handy and our friends can also sleep on it while visiting us. 

I have been away from a week now ... Can't wait to be home on Sunday evening !

November Goals

I can't believe this is actually November the 1st! It seems like yesterday when I wrote my October list ... I have to say last month has been really busy: we had our Irish friends visiting for a week-end, then I had to study for my first exams, got sick, we celebrated our third anniversary and went to Spain last week ! Anyway, I felt more relaxed, I took time to meditate before going to sleep. It is a good way to focus on the good things that happened during the day and the bad ones I should stop doing. It is a special moment I have with myself. In a certain way, it is also a prayer, but I am still a bit confused about religion. I guess I should write a proper article about it ... 

 My October Goals
  • Write my 101 in 1001 list
  • Work out everyday for one week
  • Prepare a surprise dinner to Guillaume
  • Plan a special date for our 3rd Anniversary 
  • Find some fall decoration

Again, it was hard to reach my goals this month. I didn't see the end of the month coming ! I would have worked out more often if I have noticed ah ah. I really tried, but I got sick and lazy (I admit) and then forgot about it. My scale is still broken, so I don't know if I have lost weight or not. Concidering the holidays and how much I ate, I would say I gained some ! I could not find any fall decoration ANYWHERE ! This is insane how French people do not decorate their home ! (except for Christmas)  Shame, shame, shame ... I guess now I will have to wait until December to buy our Christmas decorations ... But well, it's a new month, time for new resolutions ;)

My November Goals
  • Host a Thankgiving dinner 
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Go on a date with Guillaume
  • Find my internship
  • Save money for Christmas 
This month, I will also participate to Nicole's Joy Filled Home Challenge and share with you all about our sweet home !

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