Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turning 21 !

Twenty one years ago, a little girl was born in front of an ocean ... Twenty-one years ago ? Already ? I remember when I was eight, I told my mum I would live the house when I would turn eighteen, so I would become a famous singer and live my life. Ah ah, how silly I was ! I am now twenty one, and I never really left my parents' home. It had been a family joke ever since ! My aunt loves to remind me that story by singing Charles Aznavour's song "Je m'voyais déjà" ah ah. I perfectely remember when I turned fourteen, when I started to become a young girl. I remember when I turned eighteen as well, surrounded by my loving family.

This year, I was really excited to go home for this special week-end. Especially because I have been away for three weeks. I had a great time last week, I was spoiled. On my birthday, Guillaume offered me many little things from my favorite decoration shop, Maison du Monde. He also wanted to bring me to the restaurant, but I have decided to stay home, order our favorite pizzas and watch Game of Thrones ... That was awesome, just to be the two of us, without no one around ! I really enjoyed spending such quality time with him ... And on Wednesday evening, four of my good friends came over for an "apéritif" (which is typically French, we basically eat finger food and drink wine all night). It was nice to see them and to keep seing them that often ! 


I had class on Friday and on Saturday morning, so I was not able to come home as soon as usual. During my course on Saturday, I was really excited to see my family, my dog and spend the rest of this short week-end with them. We arrived there around 4pm and lucky me, the weather was lovely. We spent some time in the garden, dressed the table and get everything ready. My dad is an amazing cook, he cooked the finger food and a lovely Couscous. The cherry on top was my birthday cake he spent the week to bake ! I LOVED IT ! I used to have this same cake when I was a little girl !

Parfait au chocolat ... Perfect !

Well, it was a really quick week-end ... Only 24 hours at home. I am so sad I didn't have enough time to take pictures of the garden, enjoy the indian summer we had that day and have a stroll with my lovely dog ! I was quite home sick and blue when I got back to our flat. I don't know if I can call it "home" as my real home will always be my parents' ... Anyway, Guillaume was there to cheer me up and cook lasagnas :)  

Sleepy Benji

Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately

Here we are, Monday morning ! It's 9am and I have a cup full of tea to wake me up and start the day. Well, I have been dropping my juice and my flakes, I guess this is not the best way to start the week ! Is it a sign ? Should I stay home ? I wish I could !

When I started to blog about a month ago, I had tones of things to write here, especially since we moved in our new flat, in a wonderful new city. But I have been overwhelmed by this new lifestyle, the stress of all the subjects I have to study and the homework. It has been complicated to fit in, make new friends and feel comfortable among these new people ! But I'm starting to get used to it and calm down.

Sushi Time !

This month, I have decided to do Amber SayYesProgram ! Well, I have to say I did not say Yes to everything, but I am trying hard ! I started on our first week-end in our new city by meeting a friend and inviting her for an unplanned diner. We decided to order sushis and it was the first time I tried it. To be honest, I was super excited to taste these funny little bites of fish and rice, we even tried the chicken ones, but actually, I did not really like it. It had an "industrial" flavour and we could feel that it was not homemade, but just frozen food. Maybe we did not order in the right restaurant, but it was fun to finally had the chance to try ! 

Angers' Castle by Night

On the same week-end, there was a festival all around the city. We did not feel like going out, but we have decided we should discover the city. It was actually pretty great: we had the chance to see many street performers and while we were roaming around the city with my good friend Aude-Marine, we heard that a firework would be let off near the castle, so we waited on a bridge nearby. It was fabulous and the firework was just behind our feet, on the river ! That was great, really, until they decided to let off the firework from OUR bridge ! We all got really confused, the air was full of smoke and we couldn't breath or see anything ! To be honest, I completely freaked out ! For a few seconds, I have truly believed that something had gone wrong with the fireworks and that we were all going to die. When we realized that it was all planned, we had a good laugh. We will remember that night for sure !

Friday, September 13, 2013

Live, Love, Laugh

There have been so many things going on since we moved in ! I started college, homeworks and researches for my essais to write. I feel like I don't fit in, as if I was an outsider ... I have been really stressed over the last few weeks, ans I have to say, I have a love/hate relation with pressure. 

I like being busy, feeling like a super-business-woman, writing endless to-do-lists, reaching goals ... I have to admit, I like to dream big and make things happen ! BUT, I also feel stuck within the tone of work and studies I have to do and I can't move on. This is actually how i feel at the moment, I have so many things to do I don't even know where to start. And this is affecting my creativity so much that I don't have time to post anything and don't feel inspired anymore ... 

I have to say, it is hard to find time to go to class, study at home, have a drink with my friends, find an internship and spend time with Guillaume. Luckily, he is perfect ! He does the cleaning, cooks for me when I go home, deals with the laundry :)  He reminds me everyday that he is proufd of me and tells me that I can do whatever I want if I do my best. 

Cliff of Moher, Ireland
March 2013
Living together is the best thing that happened to us after being apart for so long ... We wanted it so bad, it almost hurt when we are not together. I love the idea that he will be home when I come back after 7 hours of class, that he will cook and we will spend the evening drinking tea while watching Game of Thrones ! This is so perfect that being away from him hurts. It is the first night I am having on my own since we moved in together (Guillaume is visiting his family for the week-end) and I am feeling lost ! As if my entire world was empty ! Hopefully, he will be back on Sunday and the flat will be quiet to study ! Ah Ah.

Well, being on my own is not that bad, I guess having some time in private with ourselves always help. Tonight, I have realised how much I love my family and how much I miss them. I am used to be independant and away from my parents, but I really miss talking to them, having their pieces of advice about my studies or my choices. I also skyped my Irish family tonight, and I really miss them. Living with them was a pure moment of happiness, I enjoy the serenity in their home, their little rituals and I really feel that love is in every corner :)  

Gwendoline & Lucie <3
Aran Island, Ireland. April 2013

Also, I am really greatful for all the true friends I have met in the last couple of years. We had upside downs, I doubted a lot, sometimes I felt hurt or betrayed but they are still here and we made it through the negativity of some people, the gossips and the distance. When Guillaume and my family are not there, I know I can trust and count on them. They are my second family and for the first time of my life, I have reliable and kind friends around me.
I love you all, even if I do not say it aloud.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Our little nest

It is only yesterday, while I was cleaning the flat, that I realised there were no post about our little nest on the blog ! What a shame ! It's been a week since we moved in and time is already flying ! We have been so busy organising, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, looking for internships and studying that I haven't had time to come here and post something new !

On Sunday morning, my Dad helped me to put my suitcases and boxes at the back of my car. There were SO many things, I really thought I would have to leave some stuff behind, but my Dad is a magician (or something like that ah ah) and he did it perfectly ! After two hours and a half driving, meeting Guillaume half way, we finally arrived in our new home. New and dirty home ... The former tenant didn't really cleaned before leaving, so we had to do it before taking out stuff out of our bags. I went to bed with a huge headache, it was so tiring, but definitely worth it !

I hope you will enjoy the bit of decoration I have tried to do ! Have a nice Sunday afternoon !

Friday, September 06, 2013

September Goals

As I was writing it in my last post, September is the perfect month for a fresh start and experiences, and since I moved in a new city, there are plenty of things I want to try !

- Save money
- Give my blood (it has been a year now, no more excuses !)
- Go to the local market once a week
- Use my free spa vaucher (I have received for my 20th birthday, it's time to use it !)
- Host a party in our new flat
- Work out three hours a week
- Buy a mirror for the bedroom
- Prepare our trip to Spain
- Loose weight

My return to college had been quite stressful, I do not feel quite integrate yet, we already have plenty of things to write and study ... So I want to learn how be organised: have time to study, see my friends, spend quality time with my boyfriend and relax ! 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Goobye August and Hello September !


I have always loved the month of September. And not only because it is my birthday ! When I was at school and learnt the months of the year, we always started with September. To me, it is the beginning of a new year. I am one of these persons who love going back to school. After two months away from everyone (because we have all been working the entire summer), I really enjoy seeing my friends, buying new clothes or change my hairstyle ! This month is always full of promises, like January is the month of good resolutions, September is a fresh start, full of new experiences, things I want to try or do.


Moreover, as you probably read it in my presentation, I am crazy about tv shows. And by crazy I mean nuts ! I think I might watch about ten different programs, which is a lot ! So september is the period when the new seasons start, and I am always super excited to know what is going on and discover (more) new tv shows ! 
Last week-end at my parent's
I also love how the landscape changes in September. It is still sunny and bright, but a bit more chilly in the morning and at night. I have noticed that there is a different smell in the air, a sort of "go-back-to-school-perfume". There are also tones of fruits and veggies we can pick in the garden, like melon, courgettes, tomatoes, nuts, berries ... Last Saturday, I have decided to take my Granny for a walk outside and we spent the afternoon picking blackberries and enjoying the nice weather. This is something I like about autumn in France, it is still cool and nice. We still have beautiful days before winter ! 

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