Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turning 21 !

Twenty one years ago, a little girl was born in front of an ocean ... Twenty-one years ago ? Already ? I remember when I was eight, I told my mum I would live the house when I would turn eighteen, so I would become a famous singer and live my life. Ah ah, how silly I was ! I am now twenty one, and I never really left my parents' home. It had been a family joke ever since ! My aunt loves to remind me that story by singing Charles Aznavour's song "Je m'voyais déjà" ah ah. I perfectely remember when I turned fourteen, when I started to become a young girl. I remember when I turned eighteen as well, surrounded by my loving family.

This year, I was really excited to go home for this special week-end. Especially because I have been away for three weeks. I had a great time last week, I was spoiled. On my birthday, Guillaume offered me many little things from my favorite decoration shop, Maison du Monde. He also wanted to bring me to the restaurant, but I have decided to stay home, order our favorite pizzas and watch Game of Thrones ... That was awesome, just to be the two of us, without no one around ! I really enjoyed spending such quality time with him ... And on Wednesday evening, four of my good friends came over for an "apéritif" (which is typically French, we basically eat finger food and drink wine all night). It was nice to see them and to keep seing them that often ! 


I had class on Friday and on Saturday morning, so I was not able to come home as soon as usual. During my course on Saturday, I was really excited to see my family, my dog and spend the rest of this short week-end with them. We arrived there around 4pm and lucky me, the weather was lovely. We spent some time in the garden, dressed the table and get everything ready. My dad is an amazing cook, he cooked the finger food and a lovely Couscous. The cherry on top was my birthday cake he spent the week to bake ! I LOVED IT ! I used to have this same cake when I was a little girl !

Parfait au chocolat ... Perfect !

Well, it was a really quick week-end ... Only 24 hours at home. I am so sad I didn't have enough time to take pictures of the garden, enjoy the indian summer we had that day and have a stroll with my lovely dog ! I was quite home sick and blue when I got back to our flat. I don't know if I can call it "home" as my real home will always be my parents' ... Anyway, Guillaume was there to cheer me up and cook lasagnas :)  

Sleepy Benji


  1. Haha ton gateau au chocolat a l'air trooooop bon!!! :D

    De rien pour le message, c'est normal =)
    J'ai travaillé à Mr Bricolage, cet été. J'avais déjà eu un job étudiant là bas donc généralement ils me reprennent toujours l'été ^^ Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de sentir Christmas Cookie, mais j'ai vu qu'on pouvait la trouver sur amazon, ou Chocolat Bunny. Une des deux en tout cas ;)
    Bisous <3

  2. Je ne sais pas si on en trouve dans tous les Mr Bricolage mais là où je travaillais, oui. J'en ai plusieurs chez moi, mais les toutes petites en forme de tartelettes ^^
    Tu as trouvé ton bonheur sur amazon??


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