Sunday, October 26, 2014

When life gets hard, when things change, true love remains the same.

Last Wednesday, Guillaume and I celebrated our fourth anniversary together. I cannot believe that we started to date four years ago ... It seems like it was yesterday when we first met, but I also feel as if Guillaume had always been a part of my life. And yet, we are not the same persons has when we first kissed. We have grown together and I cannot imagine my life without him.

He is my everything. He is my rock, my light, my sun.
He is always guiding me or encouraging me. 

He believes in me, even when I don't even believe in myself. 

He gave me more than anybody ever gave me. He gave me love, trust and confidence.
He made me feel worth it, valuable.

He finishes the sentences I start. I laugh before he finishes his jokes.
And just the sound of his laugh makes me giggle.

He loves me the way I am, for who I am.

He knows when I am upset, anxious or sad, just by looking into my eyes. He reads me like a open book.

He is the bravest of us, he is not afraid to bare his feelings and to let me in.
He is not afraid to make the first move when we fight or to admit he is wrong.

He is my true love, my lover, my partner, my best friend. He is my missing piece, my soul mate. 

Of course, it is not always easy. Of course, we always fight over silly things. But at the end of the day, he is always there for me. And when life became complicated or challenging, he never failed me. He never gave up on us. He patiently waited until life get us back together. And I know he is the one for me, because no matter what happens, we always overcome life's ordeals. We are more then a couple, we are a team, we are a family. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

I got an internship ! ღ 94

Hey y'all !

I have some great news to share on the blog today !

Remember my 101 in 1001 list ?  Well, I do ! One of my goals was to find two internships for my masters. I did the first one in Dublin from March to August and I have another six months to do in 2015. There are not a lot of long time internships in France and I was really worried I would not find one or would have to move far from home. Moreover, my dream job would be to create trips and most of the time only big companies do it and most of them are based in big cities. As I already said, I do not really feel comfortable in the city and it is so expensive ! I had another opportunity in Ireland but Guillaume is really attached to his family (so am I) and he was quite reluctant to follow me there.

In August, when I came back to France, I was a little tensed. I did not really know what to do, where to look. Accept the internship in Ireland ? Try elsewhere ? Was I ready to move to the other side of France ? What if Guillaume found a job in our region ? I had so many questions and no answers ... Because in our case, as students or young graduated, you cannot foresee the future and make plans in advance. So I felt really stressed about it.

I decided to start applying to big travel companies, those in the big cities. As it was a bit early, I did not get any answer. I took my time, thought about it and in September, I kept sending emails here and there, without any expectations. But only a few minutes after applying, I received a positive answer: an agency wanted to meet me ! And it was in our area: only an hour from my parents and a few kilometers from Guillaume's ! The agency is actually located near the city Guillaume and I met, when we were studying English ... I was so excited and I could not believe it ! It was too good to be true ! When I told Guillaume, he was washing the dishes (yeap, I remember this detail) and he was so happy ! We immediately started to make plans, to imagine how great it would be to stay close to our families and friends. We knew that nothing was sure, that is was only a possibility. But it was just so good to believe for a minute that we wont have to be separated again ... 

I had the interview a couple of days ago, and it did not start very well. For a few minutes, I told myself that this offer was WAY too good to be true ! That I had been silly to believe that it could actually happen. Truth is, the director forgot we were supposed to meet that morning ! Luckily, she lived nearby and came an hour later. She did not ask me about my skills or whatever, but about what I wanted to do during my internship ! I mean: what kind of boss do that ? She told me directly that the minute she read my application, she wanted me in her company. She also talked about a big project she has for the agency and which will be my main mission during my six months there. I am super excited !

I seriously never thought I would have the chance to work in our region. I know that I will miss Ireland, and despite the fact that I love this country and want to live there for years, I am absolutely ok with this decision. I am happy to be close to Granny, my parents, friends and Guillaume. And I have to admit that I would be delighted to get a job after this internship and finally settle down for a while !

Sunday, October 05, 2014

October Goals

Happy Sunday everyone !

I hope you had a lovely week-end. It is actually the evening in France, which means it is nearly over ! But let's focus on the positive: it's autumn and the weather is still lovely. It is hard to believe that in a few weeks, we will put the radiators on and switch our summer clothes for the winter ones ! As usual, time is flying !

October is here ... Time to get back to my goals !

September Goals:
  • Write a post per week  x
  • Organize a birthday party with my friends 
  • Be more supportive with Guillaume 
  • Find an internship x
  • Answer my emails more often 
  • Be more serious about loosing weight x
  • Start saving money x

Sooo ... I am not really proud of myself ... September has been busy - I already posted about it during the week-end. I got sick several times and I also got back to college. Do you know how hard it is to get back to studies after a five months internship ? I wish I could work and earn my money instead of sitting for hours and getting bored ! Anyway ! We faced some financial difficulties as I did not receive my grant last month which meant little grocery shopping and no money saved. Our diet was not the healthiest and I had other stuff in mind so I did not really pay attention to my weight. I know I have to, doctors keep saying it, so it will (still) be a goal for next month. Finally, the good thing  this month was to be back to our place for good and spend time together with Guillaume. We also had our friends visiting us and spent a week-end with my family. Socially speaking, last month was great !

Walk on the first Sunday of Autumn

October Goals:
  • Celebrate our fourth anniversary
  • Prepare a secret date for Guillaume
  • Find an internship 
  • Be more serious about my studies
  • Loose weight 
  • Start saving money 
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Decorate our home for the new season

October is going to be pretty busy, but in three weeks, I will have a week off ! I really can't wait and I hope it will be the occasion to relax and spend time with the family (we are all gathering at my Granny's). Love it ! Also, I hope I will have my internship found. I have an idea already, but it is not official and there are still some stuff I need to figure out ... Finger crossed ! And October is a big month for Guillaume and I ! On the 22nd, we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary ! Can't believe it ! We have nothing planned yet, but I will talk about it later on the blog !

What are your plans for October and for this new season ? 

A family week-end at the B's

Last week-end, I came back to my parents for a couple of days. I haven't seen them since I started college a month ago and it was great to come home ! Guillaume came with me and we have been lucky enough to enjoy the lovely weather. 

Home Sweet Home
I particularly enjoyed being outside. I have noticed that I got really upset about living in a city. When I was in Dublin, the noises, the traffic and the crowd made me nuts. I needed to get out in the countryside at least once a month to see green and landscapes. Have some fresh air. I guess I am a country girl after all, even if I found it really uncool when I was younger. For me, the country was boring and there was nothing to do in my area. But I see things differently now and I really cherish my countryside, my region and nature. I particularly love it during the fall season, as the leaves fall and the colors change. I had to go to an appointment early in the morning last Friday; it was just amazing to see the fog mixing with the first rays of sun, the trees turning to gold ... I am proud of where I come from. I guess it's part of growing up, accepting where you come from and feeling attached to your roots !

After my doctor appointment in the morning, we decided to have a walk in the afternoon. We took Ben with us and drove to a small village near my parents'. My pup was SO happy to get into my car and go out for a walk. Since it was not really the week-end already, there was nobody there. It was really quiet and we could fully enjoy the landscape. Plus, it was lovely out there: sunny but not too warm, walking near the river under the trees. It was a really nice walk and we even took a small boat to cross the water.

On Saturday, we had a feast for my birthday. As usual, my family gathered to celebrate, except my brother who is in Canada and my godmother who was working that day. But this year was a bit special as one of my uncle, his girlfriend and their baby boy were visiting us. I met Tom, who will turn one this week-end. It was the first time I was seeing him as they live in the West Indies and it was Tom's first trip to France. He is a funny little boy, always smiling and willing to play. He is full of life and started to walk only a few days before coming to visit us ! We had a great time, having some appetizers in the garden on Saturday evening and a lovely dinner cooked by my Dad. On Sunday, we had our last barbecue of the year and we spent some time in the garden before heading back to our place.

As usual, this week-end went too fast ! I did not even had time to realize I was there that it was already over. It was nice to get some fresh air and be with my loved ones. I already cannot wait for the holidays in three weeks !

Friday, October 03, 2014

Life Lately #3

September has been flying, as usual. I think I am only realizing today that I went back to college and celebrated my birthday just a few days ago. It's crazy !

Anyway, I had a really busy month and it was pretty hard for me to get back on track. As usual, I am wrecked after my first week back to school and I find it really weary to sit for hours and listen to professors all day long. It requires a lot of concentration and when I come home, I am just too lazy to do anything else but watch TV and cuddle on the couch. So, basically, I only started to worry about my studies TODAY !

In September, we also had some major events in the family. My cousin Philippe got married at the beginning of the month, introducing us to Felicia, his lovely bride. It was the first time we were meeting her and it was a really nice experience as the bride and her family were from Singapore and did not speak any French. It was for me the opportunity to talk in English and also to learn more about this culture and share our differences. Really really interesting week-end !

I also celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. I can't believe I am 22 ! I still picture myself as a teenager and if you ask me how old I am, my head will probably go straight to sixteen. This makes me feel old ... Especially since I found my very first grey hair last week ... Buh ! I am just trying to make fun about it. Actually, the funny part is that I found Guillaume's first grey hair a couple of days before mine. We are definitely growing old together ! As usual, September was full of celebrations and I kept eating a lot. For the wedding (I mean the entire week-end), on my birthday (even though I got sick), the next week-end (celebrating with my friends) and last week-end (with the family). My body cannot take anymore food ! I am just as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey ...

Not that I want to apologize for giving so little news last month, but I got sick all the time. No kidding. The day after the wedding, I started to get those spots on my arms and on my hands. Then, I got itches in my mouth (as if it was burnt or something). I had to go to the doctor, because my tongue seemed bigger than usual and hurt me. He said I had a virus, so I took medicine for a week and a half. On my birthday, I has fully recovered but in the evening, I started to have a big migraine so I took another medicine, but it did not work and could not enjoy my dinner properly. Mixing medicines was a terrible idea and it did not end well ... But of course, as if it was not enough, my body decided not to fight back the aggressor and I now have a cold/flu. No, I am not complaining ! And yes, I am the kind of person who always got sick. Anyway, I have been really overwhelmed and tired over the last few weeks. Hopefully, October will be nicer to me and I will finally get used to the weather (or perhaps temperatures will be back to normal). We'll see !

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