Friday, October 03, 2014

Life Lately #3

September has been flying, as usual. I think I am only realizing today that I went back to college and celebrated my birthday just a few days ago. It's crazy !

Anyway, I had a really busy month and it was pretty hard for me to get back on track. As usual, I am wrecked after my first week back to school and I find it really weary to sit for hours and listen to professors all day long. It requires a lot of concentration and when I come home, I am just too lazy to do anything else but watch TV and cuddle on the couch. So, basically, I only started to worry about my studies TODAY !

In September, we also had some major events in the family. My cousin Philippe got married at the beginning of the month, introducing us to Felicia, his lovely bride. It was the first time we were meeting her and it was a really nice experience as the bride and her family were from Singapore and did not speak any French. It was for me the opportunity to talk in English and also to learn more about this culture and share our differences. Really really interesting week-end !

I also celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. I can't believe I am 22 ! I still picture myself as a teenager and if you ask me how old I am, my head will probably go straight to sixteen. This makes me feel old ... Especially since I found my very first grey hair last week ... Buh ! I am just trying to make fun about it. Actually, the funny part is that I found Guillaume's first grey hair a couple of days before mine. We are definitely growing old together ! As usual, September was full of celebrations and I kept eating a lot. For the wedding (I mean the entire week-end), on my birthday (even though I got sick), the next week-end (celebrating with my friends) and last week-end (with the family). My body cannot take anymore food ! I am just as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey ...

Not that I want to apologize for giving so little news last month, but I got sick all the time. No kidding. The day after the wedding, I started to get those spots on my arms and on my hands. Then, I got itches in my mouth (as if it was burnt or something). I had to go to the doctor, because my tongue seemed bigger than usual and hurt me. He said I had a virus, so I took medicine for a week and a half. On my birthday, I has fully recovered but in the evening, I started to have a big migraine so I took another medicine, but it did not work and could not enjoy my dinner properly. Mixing medicines was a terrible idea and it did not end well ... But of course, as if it was not enough, my body decided not to fight back the aggressor and I now have a cold/flu. No, I am not complaining ! And yes, I am the kind of person who always got sick. Anyway, I have been really overwhelmed and tired over the last few weeks. Hopefully, October will be nicer to me and I will finally get used to the weather (or perhaps temperatures will be back to normal). We'll see !

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