Sunday, October 05, 2014

A family week-end at the B's

Last week-end, I came back to my parents for a couple of days. I haven't seen them since I started college a month ago and it was great to come home ! Guillaume came with me and we have been lucky enough to enjoy the lovely weather. 

Home Sweet Home
I particularly enjoyed being outside. I have noticed that I got really upset about living in a city. When I was in Dublin, the noises, the traffic and the crowd made me nuts. I needed to get out in the countryside at least once a month to see green and landscapes. Have some fresh air. I guess I am a country girl after all, even if I found it really uncool when I was younger. For me, the country was boring and there was nothing to do in my area. But I see things differently now and I really cherish my countryside, my region and nature. I particularly love it during the fall season, as the leaves fall and the colors change. I had to go to an appointment early in the morning last Friday; it was just amazing to see the fog mixing with the first rays of sun, the trees turning to gold ... I am proud of where I come from. I guess it's part of growing up, accepting where you come from and feeling attached to your roots !

After my doctor appointment in the morning, we decided to have a walk in the afternoon. We took Ben with us and drove to a small village near my parents'. My pup was SO happy to get into my car and go out for a walk. Since it was not really the week-end already, there was nobody there. It was really quiet and we could fully enjoy the landscape. Plus, it was lovely out there: sunny but not too warm, walking near the river under the trees. It was a really nice walk and we even took a small boat to cross the water.

On Saturday, we had a feast for my birthday. As usual, my family gathered to celebrate, except my brother who is in Canada and my godmother who was working that day. But this year was a bit special as one of my uncle, his girlfriend and their baby boy were visiting us. I met Tom, who will turn one this week-end. It was the first time I was seeing him as they live in the West Indies and it was Tom's first trip to France. He is a funny little boy, always smiling and willing to play. He is full of life and started to walk only a few days before coming to visit us ! We had a great time, having some appetizers in the garden on Saturday evening and a lovely dinner cooked by my Dad. On Sunday, we had our last barbecue of the year and we spent some time in the garden before heading back to our place.

As usual, this week-end went too fast ! I did not even had time to realize I was there that it was already over. It was nice to get some fresh air and be with my loved ones. I already cannot wait for the holidays in three weeks !

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