Sunday, October 05, 2014

October Goals

Happy Sunday everyone !

I hope you had a lovely week-end. It is actually the evening in France, which means it is nearly over ! But let's focus on the positive: it's autumn and the weather is still lovely. It is hard to believe that in a few weeks, we will put the radiators on and switch our summer clothes for the winter ones ! As usual, time is flying !

October is here ... Time to get back to my goals !

September Goals:
  • Write a post per week  x
  • Organize a birthday party with my friends 
  • Be more supportive with Guillaume 
  • Find an internship x
  • Answer my emails more often 
  • Be more serious about loosing weight x
  • Start saving money x

Sooo ... I am not really proud of myself ... September has been busy - I already posted about it during the week-end. I got sick several times and I also got back to college. Do you know how hard it is to get back to studies after a five months internship ? I wish I could work and earn my money instead of sitting for hours and getting bored ! Anyway ! We faced some financial difficulties as I did not receive my grant last month which meant little grocery shopping and no money saved. Our diet was not the healthiest and I had other stuff in mind so I did not really pay attention to my weight. I know I have to, doctors keep saying it, so it will (still) be a goal for next month. Finally, the good thing  this month was to be back to our place for good and spend time together with Guillaume. We also had our friends visiting us and spent a week-end with my family. Socially speaking, last month was great !

Walk on the first Sunday of Autumn

October Goals:
  • Celebrate our fourth anniversary
  • Prepare a secret date for Guillaume
  • Find an internship 
  • Be more serious about my studies
  • Loose weight 
  • Start saving money 
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Decorate our home for the new season

October is going to be pretty busy, but in three weeks, I will have a week off ! I really can't wait and I hope it will be the occasion to relax and spend time with the family (we are all gathering at my Granny's). Love it ! Also, I hope I will have my internship found. I have an idea already, but it is not official and there are still some stuff I need to figure out ... Finger crossed ! And October is a big month for Guillaume and I ! On the 22nd, we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary ! Can't believe it ! We have nothing planned yet, but I will talk about it later on the blog !

What are your plans for October and for this new season ? 

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