Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life Lately #4

Favorite holiday candle

Heya !

In France, we used to say that no news is good news !

It is actually the final line for me, before finishing my masters. We are nearly at the end of November, which means that the exams and all the other deadlines are just around the corner ! Saying that I am cool and relaxed would be a complete lie ! I am actually feeling more and more anxious everyday. I know this pressure will only be there for a little while, so I am trying to do my best to get through it.t

I feel really sorry for not being on he blog as often as I would like to. I actually had tones of ideas ! Fall season inspires me a lot, especially between Halloween and Christmas. But unfortunately, I am (as usual) running out of time ... I have been quite sick in the past three weeks, so I am putting my health and my studies first. I keep hoping that some day, I will be able to fully focus on my writing and on the blog !

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American readers ! :)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

November Goals


Hey y'all ! Happy November !

Fall is definitely settling down, here in France ! After the Indian summer we had since September, Mother Nature seems to be reclaiming her rights. It is getting colder and we had pouring rain this week. I am surprised we did not have more floods ... Also, I am realizing that the year will end in only two months and I can't believe it ! Two months left in college, two months left in our flat ... Because yes ... We are moving !

October Goals:
  • Celebrate our fourth anniversary 
  • Prepare a secret date for Guillaume x
  • Find an internship 
  • Be more serious about my studies 
  • Loose weight x
  • Start saving money x
  • Go to the hairdresser 
  • Decorate our home for the new season 
October was good ! The first good news was that I found my internship :)  That's a good thing done ! No need to worry about this anymore. Now we just have to find a new place to live, as we are moving to another city. It will probably be one of my next goals ! And the second big thing about last month was our fourth anniversary. We had a lovely day ! We bought a bottle of fizzy raspberry wine for the occasion, and tried a super restaurant. We were willing to go there for months but we could not afford it. Our anniversary was the perfect excuse to go there, and it was probably one of the best restaurant I have tried in the last couple of months ! Also, I am glad to announce that I am getting back to studies ! I am trying to focus on the two little months I have left ! 

November Goals:
  • Be more thankful and let people know it
  • Start writing review cards for the exams
  • Start buying some Christmas presents
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Find a new place for January
  • Save money !!!
It's November, so I am starting to prepare the Christmas season. As you may know, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in France, although I am trying to introduce this new tradition in our home. I know it's typically American, but I think it is great to think about what we have and be grateful for it. Especially with the Christmas madness coming ! Life is running so fast, I like the idea of sitting back and just being content of our lives. 

How do you feel about the holiday season ? What are your plans for November ?

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