Sunday, September 08, 2013

Our little nest

It is only yesterday, while I was cleaning the flat, that I realised there were no post about our little nest on the blog ! What a shame ! It's been a week since we moved in and time is already flying ! We have been so busy organising, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, looking for internships and studying that I haven't had time to come here and post something new !

On Sunday morning, my Dad helped me to put my suitcases and boxes at the back of my car. There were SO many things, I really thought I would have to leave some stuff behind, but my Dad is a magician (or something like that ah ah) and he did it perfectly ! After two hours and a half driving, meeting Guillaume half way, we finally arrived in our new home. New and dirty home ... The former tenant didn't really cleaned before leaving, so we had to do it before taking out stuff out of our bags. I went to bed with a huge headache, it was so tiring, but definitely worth it !

I hope you will enjoy the bit of decoration I have tried to do ! Have a nice Sunday afternoon !


  1. Ca viendra naturellement, ne tkt pas! Je suis sure que tu n'es pas la seule qui débarque comme ça donc bon ^^

    Super sympa votre appart! Tu as acheté les bougies où? Parce que dans le magasin où je travaillais, on vendait les memes ^^
    Bonne semaine ma belle <3

  2. Je parlais des Yankee Candles ;-)

  3. Oui on ne vendait que des Yankee Candles, elles sentent trop bon!
    Mais ce qui est marrant, c'est qu'on a jamais eu de Chocolate Bunnies. Ca doit etre trop bon ^^

    Et non c'est pas Mélanie Laurent qui est avec Raphael, c'est Mélanie Thierry ^^ Mais moi aussi je confondais toujours au début! Elles se ressemblent physiquement, ensuite elles ont le meme prénom et enfin en nom de famille, elles ont toutes les deux un prénom masculin. C'est sur que pour pas les confondre, c'est pas évident! xD
    Bisous <3


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