Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately

Here we are, Monday morning ! It's 9am and I have a cup full of tea to wake me up and start the day. Well, I have been dropping my juice and my flakes, I guess this is not the best way to start the week ! Is it a sign ? Should I stay home ? I wish I could !

When I started to blog about a month ago, I had tones of things to write here, especially since we moved in our new flat, in a wonderful new city. But I have been overwhelmed by this new lifestyle, the stress of all the subjects I have to study and the homework. It has been complicated to fit in, make new friends and feel comfortable among these new people ! But I'm starting to get used to it and calm down.

Sushi Time !

This month, I have decided to do Amber SayYesProgram ! Well, I have to say I did not say Yes to everything, but I am trying hard ! I started on our first week-end in our new city by meeting a friend and inviting her for an unplanned diner. We decided to order sushis and it was the first time I tried it. To be honest, I was super excited to taste these funny little bites of fish and rice, we even tried the chicken ones, but actually, I did not really like it. It had an "industrial" flavour and we could feel that it was not homemade, but just frozen food. Maybe we did not order in the right restaurant, but it was fun to finally had the chance to try ! 

Angers' Castle by Night

On the same week-end, there was a festival all around the city. We did not feel like going out, but we have decided we should discover the city. It was actually pretty great: we had the chance to see many street performers and while we were roaming around the city with my good friend Aude-Marine, we heard that a firework would be let off near the castle, so we waited on a bridge nearby. It was fabulous and the firework was just behind our feet, on the river ! That was great, really, until they decided to let off the firework from OUR bridge ! We all got really confused, the air was full of smoke and we couldn't breath or see anything ! To be honest, I completely freaked out ! For a few seconds, I have truly believed that something had gone wrong with the fireworks and that we were all going to die. When we realized that it was all planned, we had a good laugh. We will remember that night for sure !

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