Friday, September 06, 2013

September Goals

As I was writing it in my last post, September is the perfect month for a fresh start and experiences, and since I moved in a new city, there are plenty of things I want to try !

- Save money
- Give my blood (it has been a year now, no more excuses !)
- Go to the local market once a week
- Use my free spa vaucher (I have received for my 20th birthday, it's time to use it !)
- Host a party in our new flat
- Work out three hours a week
- Buy a mirror for the bedroom
- Prepare our trip to Spain
- Loose weight

My return to college had been quite stressful, I do not feel quite integrate yet, we already have plenty of things to write and study ... So I want to learn how be organised: have time to study, see my friends, spend quality time with my boyfriend and relax ! 


  1. Haaa donc cela signifie que tu as déjà repris les cours ^^
    Bon courage :)
    Je suis sure que tu vas très vite t'intégrer!! =)

  2. Je suis sure que tu t'en tireras à merveille ma belle!! :)
    Bisouuuus <3

  3. I just came up with a few september goals myself! Every time fall starts to come around, I feel like it is time to get reorganized and refocused. Good luck to you as you get adjusted with school! I'm about to start my 4th week and I am just now feeling like I'm in a groove.

    p.s. so jealous of your "spa voucher!" enjoy it!


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