Friday, November 01, 2013

My favorite room

As I wrote it in my last post, I will take part in the #joyfilledhomechallenge organized by Nicole. Ok, I have to admit I got really excited about this challenge, so excited that I completely forgot one tiny detail: I don't have instagram (which I got confused with pinterest - shame on me !). So I have decided to do the challenge anyway on my blog and on Twitter

Today, I have to pick my favorite room in our appartment and since we only have two, I have chosen this part of our main room: the living room. This is where we watch TV at night, where we have a break after class or while we study. Guillaume often studies on the coach whereas I am in the bedroom, so to me, this area is really our comfort zone where we meet at the end of the day.

This is also where we receive our friends for snacks, a drink ... My good friend Lucie often comes to watch some tv shows with me and that's a really comfy room ! This coach is pretty handy and our friends can also sleep on it while visiting us. 

I have been away from a week now ... Can't wait to be home on Sunday evening !

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