Monday, November 04, 2013

Vamos a jugar en el sol

So today, I went back to college. Since I came back to France, the weather keeps being unpredictable, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and cloudy. We even had a sort of storm last night ... So before I got overwhelmed by my homework and studies, I had to share all the good time I had with Guillaume and my family while we were in Spain last week !

Halloween in Port Aventura ... I was a big happy pumkin !

 We headed South, one hour from Barcelona where my parents rented a lovely appartement for the six of us (yeap, Guillaume, Corentin, Mum, Dad, Granny and I). When we arrived there, after ten hours driving, I opened the car's window and smelled the air from the sea. It felt like summer, there was no wind, it was warm ... We even had our first dinner outside ! Can you believe it ? Dinner outside in October ?! While my parents and Granny were discovering the areas (vineyards, mountains and beaches), Corentin, Guillaume and I spent two amazing days in Port Aventura, where we had great fun and went crazy !

See these roller coasters at the back of the picture ? The red one is Dragon Khan, I did it four times with Corentin while Guillaume waited for us (what a chicken !). And the very high one is Shambala, the highest roller coaster in Europe ! Corentin couldn't do it for some reasons, but I did not dare to do it on the first day. I completely freaked out, especially because I did it on my own. During the whole thing, I got scared to death ! When we watched this video with my family, I was still screaming ! NEVER AGAIN ! 

It was a great experience though ... Doing something that scarry on my own, something new, unknown ... I felt like a bad ass when I got off ! Corentin and I also fell down this tower ! So many adrenaline ! I really love it ! Of course, we did some coolest stuff so Guillaume could do it with us (he got traumatized with roller coasters when we went to Disneyland together last year). I am really proud of him, because he tried one on the second day :)

On our way home, we went to Andorre (a tiny country between France and Spain). Prices are quite interesting there, so we basically spent the whole day shopping ! I have been wise and only bought two soft sweaters for winter. On Wednesday, we took the road again and went home in the evening ! In Spain, we got really warm, as if it was summer (30°C) and in Andorra, we got as cold as in winter (- 2°C) and we even saw snow ! Luckily, I am not sick - yet) 

I guess all good things come to an end ! But it has been so good to be away for a few days, to stop thinking about college, essays and all the things I worry about ! I now have my head clear and full of laughters and beautiful memories. Thank you dear family !

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