Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Dad, my Hero

Last week-end, my Dad turned 50. The big 5 ! We celebrated that special moment with family and friends around a marvellous dinner (he cooked of course !). And yesterday morning, my Dad went to the hospital to have a minor surgery. Yet, I got scared. For the past two nights, I did not sleep well and on Thursday night, I prayed for his operation. Everything went perfectly well and I am SO greatful for it !

So tonight, I could not help but write an article about that man who is one of the most inspirational person in my life. That man who raised us, my brother and I, in a complete unconventional way, who used to put the Spice Girls on in the morning when I was in kindergarten and read me the cutest stories at night. I unconditionally love him, no matter how stubborn he can be !

I admire him, because he quitted school at age 16 and never stopped working since. He built his own business and started from nothing. And yet, he has always encouraged us to follow our dreams, to study for our future. Sometimes, of course, he does not really understand what we can be going through, but he always shows great support. When we talk about the future, he is not afraid to let us go, even if it is in another country. As long as we are happy ...

I admire him, because he worked hard during the summer and took care of us during the winter. I don't really remember my mom cooking at home. My dad is the cook of the house, he definitely is ! I love his cooking: his pizzas, his naan bread, his french toasts, his casseroles ... He is gifted, and I know that I took that passion from him ! He also taught me how to use a computer and what good music is !

I admire him, because since Granny got sick, he takes care of her like no one else, even if she is his mother-in-law. He is the most patient man I know. He visits her every day, cooks, takes her shopping, minds her doctor's appointments, cuts wood to warm her house ... And when she is upset, he lets her yell at him or critizice what he does. He never says a word, but he is always there.

And yet, my Dad considers himself as a normal man. He never boast about the things he accomplishes, he just thinks it's normal to do them. He does not care if he did not study for years. He has learnt from his past experiences and he knows much more than many "educated" people I know. He is a self made man. And even if my Grandma always says he was a terrible child, I am proud of the man he became. He is my Dad, and he inspires me.

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