Friday, October 11, 2013

101 in 1001

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This is it ! After an entire week of reflexion, I have finally finished my 101 things to do in 1001 days. This idea came from Victoria's blog and originally from Design Darling. I use to make lists all the time. On Sunday afternoon, I start thinking of what I will have to do during the week. Sometimes it is really exciting, sometimes it is more compulsory. But writing this 101 in 1001 list was a real challenge ! I am only 21 (and still surprised by this number !) and so many things can change in 1001 days, so many things are vague and most of the time, I feel unsecure about the future (especially these days while struggling with my studies). So we can say that this is the list of what a college girl in her twenties must accomplish ! Here we go !!! :)

Start Date: Saturday, October 5th 2013
End Date: Saturday, July 2nd 2016

1. Find my first real job
2. Write a novel
3. Learn to love myself
4. Be more confident
5. Find faith
6. Get involved in a charity
7. Do a professional photo shoot
8. Spend a week-end with no technology
9. Keep a journal of possibilities and dreams
10. Write myself a letter once a month   1/33
11. Achieve all these goals

Fun & Entertainment
12. Celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time  (see here)
13. Attend Oxygen festival, Dublin
14. See a band I've liked for a long time performing
15. See a rugby game
16. Try 10 new restaurants in our area
17. Watch the Lord of the Ring movies
18. Sing in a pub
19. Have a Disney movies marathon
20. Get up to watch the sunrise

Beauty and Health
21. Let my hair grow
22. Drink 8 glass of water a day for a month
23. Eat five fruits and veggies a day for a week
24. Work out everyday for a week
25. Achieve my target weight
26. Learn 5 new hairstyles
27. Find the perfect lipstick color
28. Go to bed before 11pm for a week

29. Write 101 goals
30. Inspire someone to write this list
31. Re-design my blog
32. Meet a friend blogger
33. Have 5 blog sponsors
34. Post everyday on the blog for a week
35. Contribute to someone else's blog
36. Leave comments on 5 blog everyday for two weeks
37. Have five friends reading my blog
38. Hit 50 followers on my blog

39. Visit New York City
40. Move to a foreign country
41. Visit the Châteaux de la Loire
42. Spend a romantic week-end in Paris
43. Go geocatching
44. Visit 5 new cities 1/5 (Belfast)

Friends & Family
45. Adopt a pet
46. Celebrate our third anniversary (see here)
47. Get Engaged
48. Buy our first house
49. Send out Christmas Cards
50. Send ten handwritten notes
51. Throw a surprise party for a friend
52. Be my cousin's sponsor
53. Go on a trip with my friends
54. Compliment someone everyday for a week
55. Tell one friend per week that I am thinking about them
56. Take family pictures every year
57. Reconnect with a childhood friend
58. Buy my parents' a big gift
59. Hang out with my brother for a whole day
60. Take my Granny to the casino
61. Call or Email my family every week
62. Spend a whole week-end at Granny's
63. Go on a day trip with my cousin
64. Support a friend on something important to him/her

Do & Make
65. Own a Christmas Cookie's Yankee Candle
66. Start a collection of Christmas decorations  (see here)
67. Make homemade bread
68. Make homemade ice cream
69. Learn to sew a button
70. Do five DIY projects
71. Have breakfast in bed
72. Take a wine testing class
73. Buy fresh flowers once a month  1/33
74. Plant something and have it grow
75. Try a new recipe each month  3/33
76. Ask for a new passport
77. Acquire a new cookbook every year
78. Put back a rim on my car's wheel
79. Take a baking class
80. Learn how to make pastries
81. Try two recipes from the Bible of Pastry each month  0/33
82. Buy a frame and put a picture of Guillaume and I inside
83. Buy a hard drive and save all my files and pictures
84. Go to a farmer market every month   4/33
85. Go on a day spa with my boyfriend

86. Turn my Granny's and family recipes into a book
87. Get rid of my old class books
88. Write my favorite recipes on a book
89. Donate my old clothes and shoes
90. Print out our trips pictures and organize it in a book

91. Graduate from college
92. Learn how to play the piano
93. Read 20 new books   6/20
94. Find my two internships  2/2
95. Learn a few German sentences

96. Own a pair of Repetto flats
97. Find the perfect little black dress
98. Spend an entire month not eating out
99. Find a good financial plan
100. Save a minimum of 30€ each month  1/33
101. Put 5€ into savings for every goal accomplished  30/505

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  1. Oh ben tu as du courage de faire tout ça ma belle! ;-)
    Bisous <3


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