Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy birthday to the sweetest little girl !

About eleven years ago, at the beginning of January, I found a piece of paper in the playground of my school. There were nothing but numbers written on it: 30/01/2003. I thought it was weird, as this day did not happen yet and I threw the paper away. But on January 30th 2003, a couple of days later, my little cousin Zoe was born. I already had other cousins from my age, but Zoe and I have a special connection. We get on well like friends, despite our different ages. Our family keeps thinking that she is a mini-me and that we look a lot alike. Through the years, I have spent most of my summer holidays with her in Ireland, and I ended up living at her place last year. We like the same songs and the same tv programs and unconsciously, she does the same things I did when I was her age, like performing during family dinners or when there are guests. When you see Zoe and I walking together, you could think we are sisters, even if she is ten years younger. And to me, she is like the little sister I never had.

Christmas, 2007

You should know that Zoe is Irish and French. She speaks English fluently but she used to have some difficulties with French, which was really funny when she tried to pronounce some French names with the letter "r" or made cute grammar mistakes. She is the sweetest girl I know. Zoe is only eleven, but she has such a big heart ... When she comes to visit my parents, she buys some sweets and she is like "Are you sure EVERYONE loves it ?". It is so funny because I have never met a kid of her age who likes buying gifts and presents for other people. She always gives her toys and old clothes to other children who come from large families or gives them to charity (well, except the bed she had as a baby because she wants her children to have it ! Yes she does !).

One happy family, June 2013

She is only eleven, but she is very gifted. Since she was a toddler, she always said: "When I will be older, I will be a mother, a singer and a teacher !". The fun fact is that she still believes it ! She is good at school, even if we speak French at home and no one speaks Irish. She also has a wonderful voice and sings in her school's choir.  She will also be performing in an opera in March and I am so happy to be there to support her !

Last year, when I moved to Ireland for my semester abroad, I had some of my friends in the same college. She knew all of them. When she first met Guillaume, she asked him so many questions that she probably knew more stuff than I did ! She knew his sisters' names, their age, how many uncles and aunts he had ...  I like that she gets on well with Guillaume. I remember when he came to visit last year, I found them chatting in my room about Harry Potter and kids books, it was so funny ! Zoe cares about her family and her friends, but in the good way. One day, when she was upset, I asked her if it was because of school. She told me that one girl was messing with her and I asked her if that was the reason why she was sad and she said: "No, I just don't want to do my homework. I don't like this girl, so I don't care what she says about me." Well, I should take that as a lesson ! I think it's unbelievable to hear that from the mouth of an eleven years old girl, especially in our society in which what people think of us matter so (too ?) much. 

Yesterday, my baby cousin turned eleven, and I had to write something about her and how amazing she is. 
I hope she will read this someday and understand how much I love her. Happy Birthday Zoe ! :)

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