Friday, August 30, 2013


Last day of work !

I have been so busy lately between my job, studying and packing for the moving that I did not realize time was flying. Every day looked the same: I was sitting at the desk, waiting for the tourists to ask me the same questions all over again: "where is the harbour ?" or "do you have a map for cycling in the area ?". It has been pretty quiet, but I had a lot in my mind. It is only today at noon that I realized my summer job was over. I have spent two summers working at the tourist office with an amazing team (with whom I celebrated the end of the season tonight). It is weird to think that I will never work there again because I really felt comfortable, surrounded by friends (which I know is rare in the working world).

I got the chance to try on my new sunglasses ... Oh sunny day !
Now it's time to start a new adventure: moving in with my boyfriend ! Filling in the papers for the flat was not easy and we disagreed on many things, but I am trying to be patient and understanding. We have been dreaming of having our home for two years now and this dream grew bigger as we lived a long distance relationship for nearly a year and a half. I have only seen him once this month, and a few times within the summer and living together in a small flat is going to be challenging. It is exciting and scarry at the same time, but we will do our best to make it work. I really want to make up for missing Valentine's Day, his birthday and our anniversary last year ... We have been away for each other for too long and have so many things to catch up !

... and a new haircut !
Starting a master in university is also a huge challenge as I have been studying literature for five years now and will start marketing and management in a few days. It is brand new and I am quite stressed about failing ... I am also anxious as I am going to a new university in a new city ... Woh, so many new things happening in a few days ! I hope I will stay calm and in control ! For now, I am going to pack, clean my car and spend time with my family over our traditional Saturday dinner ! Have a nice week-end !


  1. T'es trop mignonne avec ta nouvelle coupe!! :)

    Bon ça me plait que tout ça soit en anglais, ça me fait réviser LOL.
    Sinon oui moi aussi j'adore Come & Get It, surtout les paroles, c'est carrément ce que je ressens ^^ Mais le reste de l'album m'a l'air bof nan? Je ne connais que Love Will Remember et Slow Down après. Donc je sais pas trop ^^

    Je suis contente pour toi, pour ton appart avec Guillaume, c'est vraiment cool, après tous ces mois de séparation je peux comprendre ce que tu ressens :)
    Et je suis sure que tu t'en sortiras à la fac!! :) Mais tu ne m'avais pas dit que tu faisais un master en tourisme??
    Bisouuus <3

  2. Great post! Good luck with all you have going on! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute
    Twitter |Bloglovin|Instagram|Pinterest 

  3. so many exciting things on the horizon! I'm excited to read how it all turns out :)


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