Saturday, August 31, 2013

Letter to my Boyfriend #1

Before your departure to England - January 2012
Dear Guillaume,

When we first met, things were a bit complicated. I was not ready for a relationship and everything was confusing, but deep inside, I knew it was love at first sight. When I saw you that night, I felt something. There were thirty unknown people in that room and yet we talked for hours. I remember when you took my hand so I won't get lost in that nightclub. I remember the electricity in the air. After a few weeks, we started dating, but I wanted some time on my own so I told you I needed space ... But gave you my key anyway ! Then, my flat became yours and we have been dreaming of officially moving in together ever since. It was three years ago ... Then you went to England, I  travelled to Ireland, you moved to another city and we spent the summer appart. How many anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations did we miss ? I do not even remember, I stopped counting, because all that mattered was that in September 2013, we will finally be together. I have been working hard to enter my dream master, so I could study what I really like and move in with you.

Our first anniversary in the Île de Ré

And here we are, moving in together tomorrow afternoon. We talked about it so much I do not even realize this is actually happening ! I will start everyday next to you, have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you, fall asleep in your arms while watching a movie and lay down by your side at night. I won't have to be away from you anymore, and I won't feel alone in my cold bed during winter time. I won't be lonely, because you will be there. We won't miss my birthday, our anniversary or Valentine's Day because our schedules do not allow us to see each other. Distance won't be an issue.

First trip to Ireland together - April 2011

This sounds perfect, but I know it won't be that easy. I promise I will stay calm when you won't clean the flat, because I know I am too maniac. I promise I will share the wardrobe with you, because I know how many clothes I own ! I promise I will prepare you breakfast on Sunday mornings and yes, I will go to the bakery to buy french baguette and croissants, even if I am ugly when I wake up and hate rushing outside without any makeup on. I promise I will surprise you everyday, even after a long day at school, even when I will be tired or sick. I promise I will do my best to make you happy, to make you forget about the hardness of life, to make you feel safe. Because I love you and I promise I will always do. 

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  1. Trop mignon ce que tu lui dis :) Encore une fois, je suis vraiment contente pour toi, tu le mérites =)

    Oui ce que fait Selena est un peu trop commercial et moi aussi, je ne connais que ses singles ^^
    A la rentrée je serai en 3eme année, donc année de la licence, enfin! Et après je rentrerai en ESPE (ce sont les nouvelles IUFM ^^).
    Bisouuus <3


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