Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the B. Family

Telling my relatives I loved them had never been an easy thing to me. Actually, I do not even remember saying it out of loud or even writing it on a card. I do not know if this is how we deal with our emotions in my family or if it is cultural, but we never say “I love you” … I doubt they will ever read this – or understand it as they do not speak English. But just writing about them is a way to show how I feel, because they really mean a lot to me.

My parents and my brother, Spain, October 2009

I was born in September, in the early 90's, in an hospital in front of the ocean. I have always been close to my parents, traveling around Europe, singing and acting all the time. Two years and a half after my birth, I got a little brother. I was really jealous and I tried several times to push his buggy in the stairs ! Nevertheless, we get closer through the years, especially during secondary school. I have always been the protective big sister, and still is. We spent our childhood between two loving parents and grand-parents who have been looking after us during the holidays. My best memories as a kid are those meals our grandmas used to cook or bake for us. They are the best :) We have been lucky to grow up on the Atlantic Coast and spent our summer holidays on the beach surrounded by plenty of friends. I am feeling blessed for having such a loving family … Especially now that I am (nearly) an adult and that I realize all the sacrifices our parents have done for us, for our studies, our happiness. They never stopped us from being who we really wanted to be and always encouraged us to fulfill our dreams ...

The B Family in Jordan, April 2010

If I had to chose someone who is inspirational, despite my parents, I would chose my Granny. When I was a heartbroken teenager, she told me to follow my heart, no matter what people said. She told me that when she was my age, she was in love with a young man from her village. He wanted to invite her to a dance, but some friends of our family told her mother that he was already engaged. So she went to the dance with my grand-father and found out that the man she loved was actually waiting for her and had not any fiancée. Then she got engaged with my grand-father, got married, had a restaurant, opened a bakery (while she dreamed of being a hairdresser), had two daughters and two grand-children. She does not regret the life she had and I know she loves us more than anything else in the world, but she taught me to follow my instinct and fight for my dreams and the people I love. We both are really close to each other, as she is a second mother to me. When she had a heart attack, two years ago, my world fell apart. To me, my Gran was immortal. She would dance with me during my wedding, would carry my first child and would always be by my side. She survived it, she fought and after a month of reeducation, she was able to walk and speak again. My best Christmas gift ever was to have her at home with us. We often fight, because she is a strong woman and I have to say, she has a terrible temper, but I guess I look a lot like her. While writing this, my eyes are full of tears. I never told her, but I love her …


There are also three other important people in my life: my uncle, my aunt and my little cousin. My uncle is my father's youngest brother and also my Godfather. Zoe, my ten years old cousin, is half Irish, half French. Her parents moved to Ireland about fourteen years ago and received me for holidays since I was twelve. I have spent my best holidays as a teenager under their roof. I have been out for the first time, having beer at the pub, going to amazing concerts, going shopping in a super big mall … I experienced many things there and I felt free and wild (ah ah). Every time I came to visit, I felt like home and that this place could cure all my pains. Family and Ireland are definitely the best cures ever when it comes to broken hearts and teen issues ! Last January, I studied in Ireland for a semester, and I stayed with them for four months. I do not know how I would have managed to financially survive without them ! They are generous, kind and I really miss them right now !

Finally, the last “person” I would like to introduce is my lovely dog, Benji. He is one of my (other) best Christmas present as we welcomed him in the family on December 24th 2006 ! He is a black Labrador and I am crazy about him ! He has this look when he stares at me … It makes me feel like hugging him for hours ! Ben is the nicest dog I have ever met ! He loves kids, playing and cuddling … Sometimes, I like to think we have a special connection and that he loves me more than the rest of the family. But it's only because I feed him from time to time, ah ah. But honestly, when I am away from home, I miss him a lot. Once, when I was in Ireland, I talked to him over the phone (he never answered – of course) and I nearly cried ! Oh my … ! He is the best !

Benji, January 2007 & Easter 2013

So here we are, welcome here, this is my family and the people I love. I am about to leave my parent's house in two days now … You know what they say … Home is where the heart is ...


  1. Hi Mathilde!

    So happy you stopped by, and welcome to the blogging world! I adored my time in France (particularly in the North West--just beautiful). I can't wait to go back.

    I just did a very blog-game post, and tagged you to play along. It is silly, but fun, too! :)


  2. Je ne savais pas que tu avais un labrador! Il est trooooop mignon <3

    Sinon tu sais, mes parents sont aussi pour moi les personnes les plus importantes au monde, et on n'a pas pour habitude non plus de dire "je t'aime". Moi en particulier. Je ne l'ai jamais dit ou écrit à mes parents. Ce sont des mots trop forts pour être prononcés comme ça.
    PS : encore une fois, splendide ta granny :)


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