Sunday, March 02, 2014

March Goals

I haven't been posting on my blog for ages ! There were no February goals since it was my last month in France and my only world was: ENJOY. Yes, February has been all about enjoying the simple moments of life. I have spent only two week-ends at my family's, but we cooked and had dinner together, with Guillaume as well, and it was great. We had friends coming over some Saturday night for pizzas and waffles. Was February all about eating ? Maybe ! That would explain why I can't fit into my jeans anymore. But I don't really care. This month was about letting myself go and do things I won't be allowed or able to do in the next few months.

Baking Donut's with Dad

So, March will be a big change for me. New country, new city, new job ... I am really excited about this new experience. Of course, my main goal is to make a good impression at my internship and learn a lot of new things. I am also planing on visiting my family (Zoe is performing at the end of the month)  and I have a couple of friends to see in Dublin.

My March Goals:
  • Visit my uncle, aunt and cousin
  • Celebrate Saint Paddy's day
  • Visit one new place in Ireland
  • Work on my thesis 
  • Save money
  • Loose weight
What are your goals for this new month ? :)

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