Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When life becomes a challenge

I am living my last weeks in France and things finally seem to go back on track ! It's a sort of revival: I swear, it feels like spring is coming or something, but for the first time in a while, I can hear the birds singing by my window. This morning, I just have the wonderful feeling that everything's gonna be ok ... :)

I had two rough weeks lately, because of my departure, because I couldn't find an accommodation, because I was too stressed and had too much work to do. The deadlines are coming really soon, but I feel that everything is well organised in my mind and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I am worried because what's next is challenging !

Two months ago, I took one of the biggest decisions in my life: I have decided to leave Guillaume and move back to Ireland for five months. This time, I'll be working and living with complete strangers. I'll be out of my comfort zone in an unknown environment. But if I can't do that when I am 21, when will I ? I want to prove myself that I can be in a relationship but that I can be independent in my professional life as well. And I should do that now, because we are still studying, we have no real boundaries here in France, no child, no house, no pets, no jobs. We have our families, but Ireland is not that far, is it ?

So here I am, wondering about the things I want to do (and eat) before I go. Wondering about how it will be to work with Irish and international colleagues, if I will manage my budget or make friends. I love Ireland so much that, deep inside, it makes me hopeful ... It's like my second home, so nothing's gonna be wrong ! Maybe I will never want to leave ! I just keep thinking that life is scary sometimes, but also full of surprises. And no matter what's next, it will always come out with something good ! All we need is a little bit of faith ...

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