Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone !

I hope everybody's ready for Christmas ! It's just around the corner ! 

Life has been pretty busy around here ... Guillaume and I started to move out a lot of our stuff from our appartment last Saturday and I am delighted to be home, with my family and my baby brother who came back from Canada two weeks ago ! And since Christmas is here, I guess it's time to give you a look at my wishlist :)

My dream would be to have a new phone, but since I have already changed my laptop for my birthday, I wanted to ask something else than money. I think receiving money for Christmas is sad as you have no surprise ... Deep inside, I am still a kid and I really hold on to the Christmas traditions and spirit ! And ok, I admit: I love writing my list to Santa ;)

My mum told me I will have a few surprises, but basically, this is what I have asked for ... And some other stuff that could not fit on the picture:

Eyeshadows Set Naked 3 by Urban Decay // Pretty Parfait make-up set from Benefits // Handbag  from Etam // Home Perfum from Nature et Découvertes // Workout Accessories from Decathlon // Crockery from Maison du Monde // Slippers from Etam

It is now time to go get ready, finish wrapping the last presents and watch Love Actually ! 

Have a Merry Christmas :)

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