Friday, September 05, 2014

September Goals

Hey y'all !

September has always been a big month for me. First, because I was born in September and secondly, because it is the back to school season. Therefore, this month always means that I can have a fresh start in the school system but also in my personal life. Like New Year's resolutions, September is the opportunity to make some changes in my lifestyle and start over.

But before listing my new goals for September, let's get back to August's !

August Goals:
  • Write my thesis and my report 
  • Sign up to the public library 
  • Go to the farmer market 
  • Have breakfast in bed  x
  • Order pizzas from Domino's (missed them too much !) 
  • Go to the beach 
  • Donate blood 
  • Loose weight  x

Frankly, I am surprised I did so many things last month ! I usually plan to many things to do and never achieve them. Of course, I still struggle with my weight ... But I keep working on it ! I really focused on two major goals: being reunited with my family and Guillaume, and my studies. And guess what ? I finally catch up on my assignments ! I gave my thesis and report back last Friday and had an oral exam this morning. I don't have to rush anymore and can start my (hopefully) last year of college peacefully ! So now, what about the coming month ?

September Goals:
  • Write a post per week
  • Organize a birthday party with my friends
  • Be more supportive with Guillaume
  • Find an internship
  • Answer my emails more often
  • Be more serious about loosing weight
  • Start saving money
I am aware that I am not posting as much as I should, but now that I respected the deadlines for my homework, I will have more time to devote myself to the blog. Also, I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday in a couple of days, and it will be the opportunity to meet up with my closest friends ! Moreover, I feel that I need to be there for Guillaume. He finished his last year of masters and will have his thesis defense in a few weeks, so it will be a big deal and a lot of stress. Guillaume is also looking for a job at the moment, which is much more complicated than we thought it would be. I think that he is going to need me and I have to be compassionate.

What about you ? Do you like September ? It is not Fall in France already. To be honest, the weather is a lot nicer than it was in August ! We are having a late summer and we are still enjoying a bit of sun before the new season !

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